Broom Stick Run

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 Aug 27, 2016 - Android Game, Game, IOS Game


Let us take you to a fantastic journey of a dreamland, where a kid imagines him sitting on a Witch’s Broomstick and passes by the hurdles faced by him. Try and face new challenges with this incredible game supported by great graphics and bewildering color blends. Broomstick Run being an Endless Runner game, would tempt you play again and again. The more you run, the more you earn.

About the game:
The story starts with kid moving around with his grandfather and sees a wall painting of a grannies broom, where the kid is curious to know what that is. That moment his grandfather says it’s a Witch with her Broomstick. This thought pops up in his head; he sees himself of broomstick and the dream run begins. It’s a fun game everyone can play and enjoy. This game contains several types of broomstick which the player could enjoy during their play. This endless game contains various elements like flying birds, attacking crocodile, bees, etc you’re welcome in this dreamland of broomstick run.


Broomstick Run



How to play:
Broomstick run is a dreamland where you make the kid fly in the dream forest using his imaginary broomstick. Keep tapping the screen and try ducking birds, bees, trees and many other life intimidating obstacles.
Go for the powerups like magnet, jetpack, invisible etc and booster to achieve more score. Choose different brooms and enjoy the fantastic dream ride.

Endless runner game
Adorable and with bewildering color blends
HD graphics compatible with tablets
A great combination of addictive game play and engaging strategy
All the artwork made live like
Various booster available
A unique game concept
Users have various choices for broomsticks
5 different powerups
Share and compare your scores online with your friends
One of the best & unique children game available on store

Challenge your friends and have a magic run in this endless running game. Grab a broom and enjoy a dreamworld ride of Broomstick run.