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 Sep 03, 2016 - Game

The game is all about making discoveries. It is for the people to discover the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial world, help them get a feel of it thorough the virtual Simulation game. The game doesn’t aim to teach them whole entrepreneurship, it aims at giving a basic understanding of a life of an entrepreneur. It also brings an added facet of fun and learning.

The game is broadly divided into three stages:
1. Entrepreneurship as a career option- The First Decision one has to make in this career path is to choose it as a career and follow it passionately. In this stage we want the students to know that entrepreneurship can be done at any age, everything has its own pros and cons. This is explained through the myth busting, flip side, parent hurdle and motivation.

2. Idea Generation- Idea generation is a skill which can be developed. It is one of the reason why people don’t start out on their own. One can always become an idea factory let alone one idea. All you need to do is observe, look for problems should be curious and have a will to find a solution to it. The players are exposed to different domains like crossroad, hospital and home where they have to search for problems and search for its solutions.

3. Trek it out- Once you cross the idea generation, you now need to pull up your socks and work through the idea into making the final product. The start-up chamber takes you through the different process that an entrepreneur needs to go through in building the product.